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2013 Northern Maine Campmeeting of Seventh-day Adventists

Our 2013 Campmeeting concluded September 1, 2013.

Please see our new Videos page for videos from previous years campmeeting.
Join us locally for Bible-study and Church Services.

All are welcome! Practical demonstrations, including blacksmithing, fire building, and knot tying as well as cooking demonstrations are, Wednesday & Friday, 11-12:30, and Thursday, 4:45-6 pm. Family togetherness is encouraged. Parents, please remember that you are responsible for your children.

Christian Berdahl
Christian Berdahl

Christian Berdahl is the director of Shepherd’s Call Ministry, a faith-based ministry he shares with his wife Coby and two sons Tyler and Micah. Shepherd’s Call is an evangelistic singing, speaking and video-production ministry dedicated to spreading the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Christian’s sermons focus on the dangers of the entertainment industry and preparation of character amidst trials. Christian resides in Edgewood, New Mexico.
For further information regarding Shepherd’s Call Ministry visit
Shepherds Call ministry.
Christian Berdahl – Presenting: "Opus:The Mind's Mark"; "Music part 1"; "Music part 2"; "Serenade: Music in Worship"; "The 4 C's of Christianity".

Dan Gabbert
Dan and Patsy Gabbert

Dan Gabbert, after 25 years of full-time ministry and a Masters degree in Christian Counseling, he is focusing his energies upon helping others understand and apply the principles of mental and spiritual restoration found in the world’s #1 best-selling book, the Bible.
Dan and his wife Patsy are currently practicing Biblical Response Therapy® as mental/spiritual health coaches for the
Black Hills Health and Education Center. They continue to have the privilege of ministering to the hurting hearts of hundreds of wellness guests who come to BHHEC from throughout the North American continent to find three-dimensional healing and restoration for their lives.
Dan and Patsy Gabbert – Presenting: "The Big Question in Christian Experience"; "Healing in Christ?"; "The Misconception"; "Victory in Christ?"; "The Misunderstanding"; "The 10 Virgins?"; "The Missing Ingredient".

Dr.Tim Howe
Tim Howe

Tim Howe is a board certified internist practicing in Brunswick, Maine. He is the director of the Parkview Hospital's Wellness Program. He has worked as a health educator and in private practice for more than 20 years. Tim practices what he preaches. He is no stranger to the media having presented on the radio, on the television, and in print.
Dr. Tim Howe – Presenting: "The Gospel and the Health — Power to Change"; "Health and the Book of Job"; "Sabbath Joys — Rest and Health"; "Choose Life — Preventing and Reversing Disease with Nutrition and Lifestyle".