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2016 Northern Maine Campmeeting of Seventh-day Adventists

Our 2016 campmeeting was concluded August 13, 2016

Please see our new Videos page for videos from previous years campmeeting.
Join us locally for Bible-study and Church Services.

On behalf of the Seventh-day Adventist Churches of Northern Maine we would like to invite you to the Fifth annual Northern Maine Campmeeting.  The meetings were held August 9 through 13, 2016.
Currently there are 4 main speakers this year:
Kevin Sears from NETS; Christopher Hudson of the Forerunner Chronicles; Lincoln Steed, editor of Liberty magazine and Joel Kratzke an evangelist from the Minnesota conference.
All are welcome! The meetings, activities, and food are free. However, donations are gratefully accepted, payable to Caribou SDA Fellowship.

Image of Kevin Sears
Photo courtesy NETS
Kevin Sears

As a very successful Bible worker, ASI Youth For Jesus leader, and evangelism center director, Kevin Sears contributes a unique and valuable combination of expertise to NETS. After Kevin met Christ through the Bible as a young adult all he wanted to do was share the wonderful goodness of God and truth for this time. Doors opened for him to train and work under some of the top evangelists of Adventism in numerous cities around the U.S., with many of his Bible study friends getting baptized. Kevin has since led and trained youth, Bible workers and pastors in programs and in evangelism schools across the U.S. and Europe.

Image of Christophor Hudson
Christopher Hudson

"Christopher Hudson may be best known to Adventist audiences for hosting a program called 'Forerunner Chronicles' that airs on 3ABN’s Dare to Dream Network. He was raised in an Adventist home in Long Island, New York. But he left the church to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.…"

Image of Lincoln Steed
Lincoln Steed

Lincoln E. Steed is the editor of Liberty magazine, a 200,000 circulation religious liberty journal which is distributed to political leaders, judiciary, lawyers and other thought leaders in North America and, through the International Religious liberty Association, to a larger international audience. Begun 100 years ago by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, the magazine argues for the rights of faith and practice for all. He came to the job with extensive periodical and book editing experience.

Lincoln was born in Australia and began his education in his homeland of Australia, continuing his studies at Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, Maryland, and gaining a postgraduate degree at Andrews University. He is the author of the book "The Last Mountain" and numerous periodical articles.

.Image of Joel Kratzke
Joel Kratzke

Joel Kratzke, after having served the Lord as lay pastor and then pastor in the Rocky Mountain Conference for six years, pastor Kratzke felt called to preach the Three Angels’ Message to any and all who will hear. Committed to going wherever the Lord leads to share the everlasting Gospel, Joel draws on his past experience as pastor/evangelist to share the present truth in a clear and moving manner, from prophecy to Bible truth for every day. Joel lives with his wife Valerie and their children in Minnesota.

Edwin Dysinger

Edwin and Jennifer Dysinger spent 16 years doing international development work in Africa and the Middle East. Eight years ago they "returned to their roots" and started doing "development work" in the fields and gardens of Bountiful Blessings Farm.

Elizabeth Dyak

Elizabeth Dyak has been a long-time wild-foods enthusiast, mostly self-taught. She at one time subsisted for two years primarily on wild-foods while living in a birch-bark shelter which she made herself in Palmyra, Maine. She is also an accomplished artist and crafter, specializing in handmade paper and movable greeting cards.

The Presentation: "First, we will take a walk around to see what is likely to be edible around us. Then we will continue to identify some edibles that I will bring to identify (such as a tree branch with bark, and seaweeds to be rehydrated). And we will have a brief hands-on preparation of one or two wild foods (such as daylily tubers or tree bark). Participants will go away with handouts of photos and samples."